You dream it.  We code it.

WindServers has 20+ years of software development experience.  We have worked on countless projects for countless clients over the years, including Fortune 500 companies, mom-and-pops, boutique firms, corporations of all shapes and sizes, nonprofits, educational institutions and the US military.  When it comes to coding, there isn't much we haven't done.

Our coders use a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (affectionately known as LAMP) to create web applications that consistently outperform others, even under high loads.  We are one of the few design firms out there that hand codes 100% of our projects.  Going to such extremes, even the finest details don't escape us!

As a business veteran, you know how important it is to commission high quality work for your company.  Search for days, weeks, months or years and you'll be hard pressed to find a more experienced, affordable, or dedicated partner for your business than WindServers.

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Our scripts do the work so you don't have to.

In all likelihood, the reason you were drawn to WindServers in the first place is because you want your website to carry out one or more activities on its own—whether that's attracting new customers to your business or executing sales transactions without employee interaction.  After all, no one wants to carry out menial tasks if they don't have to!

This is our automation service in a nutshell: you define a task, we automate a solution.

In more detailed terms, you outline a repetitive task upon which you no longer wish to waste your employees' valuable time, and we design a software solution to handle that task 24/7/365.  It can be anything from automatic invoice generation to data sorting to image analysis to employee scheduling.  All work is customized to meet the specific needs of your business, and all interactions are designed to be positive experiences for your end users.

Get in touch today with your task, and we'll let you know how we can automate it!

e-Intellect done right.

When we say we're designing the future, we mean it.  WindServers is actively developing software that thinks for itself, learns for itself, creates for itself, grows for itself, and acts for itself.  We're constantly surprised by the advancement of our AI projects, and in the near future, we hope to make them available to everyone.

You won't believe what this tech will do for your business!  Coming to life in 2020...

Big data without the fuss.

Data can be messy.  It can be unruly.  It can be intimidating.  Big data is that necessary part of your business that keeps pushing at the boundaries of your patience.  It has to be contained, but the process of doing so can create major headaches.

Whether your data problem is made up of names and addresses, products, inventory, specs, files, images or records, the solution is simple: just hand your data over to us.

We'll reorder and optimize it, manage and tame it through automation, and serve it up to your end users through the cloud so you can finally let more important matters occupy your time and energy.  This is what our data management service is all about—bringing peace of mind through the removal of big data burdens.

Get in touch today, and we'll walk you through the process.

Art and the infusion of modern technology.

We have always maintained that we are artists first and foremost.  These days, we primarily use code as our paintbrush, but we still know how to apply color to canvas and balance a composition when the need arises.

Modern technology offers many useful tools for producing beautiful digital interfaces, but the deeper art is sometimes lost.  WindServers infuses your project with artistic creativity.  We produce graphic elements, soundscapes, writings and visual presentations that bring your concepts to life, engaging your users and captivating their interest.  This attention to detail is key to keeping people focused on your information and/or products, and focus is WindServers' stock-in-trade.

Get in touch today, and we'll start designing a multimedia experience your customers won't soon forget!

Welcome to the In Cloud.

Ah, the mysterious cloud.  What is it?  Why is it important?  Who does it benefit?  And who will be left behind without it?

Simply stated, the cloud is made up of machines doing exactly what they have always been designed to do: run software and serve web pages.  These machines, called servers, also store data and personal info in a highly practical way.  If your project is "in the cloud," it is accessible to everyone who wants or needs it exactly when they want or need it.  This is very important to consumers today, and some get downright nasty when they don't have it.

All WindServers projects are created in the cloud.  This means we design software that resides on servers which we maintain around the clock.  The servers are housed in secure facilities with redundant drives and backup power generators, so your data is always safe.  Your users will have constant access to your information and/or products, and this will make them very happy.  Goal accomplished.

As privacy is often a concern when data is stored in the cloud, we use every practical means to harden and encrypt our servers, while still maintaining the speed and agility of our software.  Think of WindServers as fast moving clouds of steel...what else would you want for your business?

Get in touch today, and we'll boost your company up to the cloud!

A bit of the future, today.

Rad Wave Technology is autonomous intelligence developed exclusively by WindServers.  It is our crowning achievement, our bridge to the future.  There is no need to request it.  Rad Wave simply exists in the background—always working, always learning—a flow of technology that guides and advances every project we undertake.

Rad Wave is also at the heart of our Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) program.  It represents the bleeding edge of computer science and information technology in the 21st Century.

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